Primavera skirt


For the Renaissance collection, we rethought and re-drew the iconic painting of this period in art – “Spring”, painted by Sandro Botticelli.
And although by that time humanity had not yet invented ballet, we are sure that if it had already existed, Botticelli would have painted it.
In addition, the scene depicted in this painting of his could well appear in a ballet, especially since the three Kharitas are dancing in it. Well, we helped them with this – we put pointe shoes on them, as well as on the goddess Flora.
And together they all correspond to the title of the picture, which, in turn, corresponds to the season of the collection – spring-summer.

In the photo – Maria Ilyushkina, first soloist of the Mariinsky Theater.

Photo – Marianna Sorokina.

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The model of this skirt was created as part of the RENAISSANCE collection; it is asymmetrical and has ribbon ties.
The skirt has a flying silhouette and is made of airy fabric that will flutter around your legs. And additional comfort will be provided by the ability to adjust the waist thanks to the elastic waistband.

Length from waist – 42 cm

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100% polyester


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