In  the BALLET MANIACS company there are  ballet maniacs only. We love the ballet, always wanted to wear it, and that’s why our brand BALLET MANIACS has been created. This significant event happened in 2015 and it is a commercial project. But it is made to bring the great ballet art to people.

We’re good in clothes, follow the fashion trends, and have our own clothing manufacturing, that allows us to guarantee perfect quality of sewing. And we are open to all kinds of cooperation, we are actively developing, and everyone who love BALLET maniacally,like we do, can join us!

Besides we offer you a lot of  great things in our online store,

there are the other ways to cooperate with us:


We can design and make any model of clothes for dancing in the color and style you need for ballet schools and studios.<br />


We design and produce costumes for ballets.


We are ready to consider proposals from the usual shops and online stores for the sale of our product range.


There is the opportunity to do a limited line with ballet photographers .


We can help ballet artists to realize their ambitions in the fashion field, if there are some.


We are open for partnership projects with festivals and gala.