Return and exchange

If you are not satisfied by some kind of reasons with received item (for example, clothing doesn’t fit you, the color doesn’t suit you, or you expected something else), you can return the good or exchange it during 14 days. You can unzip the good, but it shouldn’t be used or spoiled in different ways:

– marks of lipstick, concealer or other cosmetic products;

– food spots and stains of its removing;

– deodorant spots etc.

Tags, which were on the item at the moment of it receiving, also shouldn’t be removed. We kindly ask you to contact us before making a return.

After getting the good and making its revision we send you an confirmation by e-mail. In case all the conditionals are kept, refund will be made in next 10 days starting from a date you got an e-mail confirmation. Pay your attention, that in this cause deliver will be made at you expense, that’s why we will take needed amount from the sum.